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 You are a woman who has achieved a great deal of success in your life.

Relationship success. Financial success. Great adventures and experiences.

But something still feels off...something is missing.
Being a high-performing women is stressful, confusing and at times so tiring.
The pressures of being a success-driven women in today's world can leave you with a lot of questions.

Now what, I've reached a certain levels of success? How do I find a circle of women on the same path as me? Will someone find out that I don't have it all figured out yet? Can I have financial success, a loving marriage and a happy family? Where can I turn for help and answers? Who can I share all of my concerns, ask questions without being judged?

LaKena Dunham is a women's leadership speaker dedicated to assisting high-achieving women be authentic, stand in their power and create lasting change both professionally and personally.

Success can be yours. Wealth. Health. Relationships. And it can be done with ease.

Featured Product

Woman Warrior Pen Set

Graceful. Beautiful. Confident. Strong.
Attributes describing a woman walking in her purpose and leading where she stands. Attend your next meeting in style with classy pens topped with a generously sized rock and showcase your strength, beauty and skill while making a powerful statement of your ability to lead and your strength as a woman.

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Featured Services

Speaking Engagements

LaKena will motivate your audience and prepare them to stand in their personal power and to succeed regardless.

Entertaining, but informative messages that enable your audience to take immediate action. Individuals and corporations have been impacted by her relevant, relational, and riveting message of unleashing your personal power to excel at your next level.

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Woman Warrior Mastermind

The Woman Warrior Mastermind is specifically geared towards women who lead.

Our Mastermind is a SAFE, CONFIDENTIAL place for women  to connect with fellow women who understand the challenges, frustrations, and demands of being a woman in leadership while also staying true to who you are. 

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Recommit to You

A 21-day, 1-on-1 personal coaching journey with LaKena, specifically for the busy woman who wants to recommit to putting herself first, recommit to her goals and dreams.

After this course, you will be revived, re-energized and refocused to take your life to the next level of success.

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"“LaKena is a gifted inspirational leader. She has a passion to develop others to rise to their highest and best selves and it is evident! Glad to be a part of her community!”"

Small Business Owner, Texas

"“LaKena has a way of speaking to the soul that makes you say “YES! I can.” She is inspiring and encouraging. She has a phenomenal gift of helping you tap into your God given talents and use them to the best of your capabilities.”"

All Abilities Fitness, California

"“If I implement only one of the action steps suggested by LaKena, my life will be forever changed and improved!”"

Career Coach, California

The Woman Warrior Vision

Join LaKena Dunham, an award business & life strategist, and other mighty women as we gather, plan and begin the work that will take our lives to the next level in 2018!

It's time to expect and plan your success!

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