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 Can we just get one thing straight before going any further?

You are amazing!

You may not always feel like it, but you are! You have achieved a great deal of success in life, but you know there is still more for you to do and achieve.

Relationship success. Financial success. Great adventures and experiences.

But something still feels off...something is missing.
Being a high-performing women is stressful, confusing and at times so tiring.
The pressures of being a success-driven women in today's world can leave you with a lot of questions.

Now what, I've reached a certain level of success? How do I find a circle of women on the same path as me? Will someone find out that I don't have it all figured out yet? Can I have financial success, a loving marriage and a happy family? Where can I turn for help and answers? Who can I share all of my concerns, ask questions without being judged?

LaKena Dunham is a women's leadership speaker dedicated to assisting high-achieving women be authentic, stand in their power and create lasting change both professionally and personally.

Success can be yours. Wealth. Health. Relationships. And it can be done with ease.

Featured Product

Seeds For Success

Positive Affirmations for African American Children

Being a kid today is tough, especially when the world around you constantly sends messages that your brown skin kinky hair, skin color, or other features makes you "less than" your peers.

The most important gift we can give our children is how to use the power of the spoken word!

You can combat the negativity daily and help your child develop a supportive belief system which will allow them to develop confidence and a healthy self-esteem. 

Seeds for Success Positive Affirmation Cards features 60 brightly colored cards featuring beautiful African-American children. Each card contains a powerful affirmation to help develop a solid basis for success and happiness in your child's life.

Teach your child to SPEAK TRUTH into and over their life!

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Woman Warrior Pen Set

Graceful. Beautiful. Confident. Strong.
Attributes describing a woman walking in her purpose and leading where she stands. Attend your next meeting in style with classy pens topped with a generously sized rock and showcase your strength, beauty and skill while making a powerful statement of your ability to lead and your strength as a woman.

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Featured Trainings

Etsy Made Simple

If you’re just starting out in eCom, one of the best places to start, learn and sell your products is Etsy. 

You can sell on Etsy and use Print On Demand production partners, and you don’t have to touch any inventory or manually ship your orders!

We show you how to automate the WHOLE process!

During this training we will walk your through step-by-step to set up a BRAND new store on Etsy, integrated with our preferred POD provider and set up 2 products!!

POD is MUCH larger than t-shirts and attendees were blown by the 77 products they can start selling NOW! 

By the time you’re finished with this training, you will have a store setup, integrated, and have at least one product uploaded and have the steps to rinse and repeat the process with as many products as you'd like.

Let's get you set up with a new, simple and fun revenue stream.

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Recommit to You: 21-Day Challenge

A 21-day, 1-on-1 personal coaching journey with LaKena, specifically for the busy woman who wants to recommit to putting herself first, realizing her potential and achieving her personal goals.

After this course, you will be refocused, revived, and re-energized  to take your life to the next level of success.

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"“LaKena is a gifted inspirational leader. She has a passion to develop others to rise to their highest and best selves and it is evident! Glad to be a part of her community!”"

Small Business Owner, Texas

"“LaKena has a way of speaking to the soul that makes you say “YES! I can.” She is inspiring and encouraging. She has a phenomenal gift of helping you tap into your God given talents and use them to the best of your capabilities.”"

All Abilities Fitness, California

"“If I implement only one of the action steps suggested by LaKena, my life will be forever changed and improved!”"

Career Coach, California

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