Let Your Faith Refresh You

Truth # 2 of The Woman Warrior Manifesto states,

"She lives by faith. She believes in abundance and has faith that she can have it all - unapologetically."

For most women, like you and I, your faith and beliefs serve as your guiding principles. They flavor and influence every part of your life from the words you choose to the way you represent yourself. Faith also plays a part in how you soothe yourself when the burdens and complications of life threaten to overwhelm you. Faith demands that you find times of rest. There is a time for everything and when you find time to rest in your faith, it refreshes you in a way little else can. This rest allows you to cast your cares aside and renew yourself.

Another way to allow your faith to refresh you is by sharing it with others. When you tell the story of your journey to faith, it does two important things. First, it reminds you of its splendor, of its beauty, of the reasons you came to your faith in the first...

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5 Questions You Should Ask To Ensure That You are Making YOU First Priority

The first truth of The Woman Warrior's Manifesto is: 

She (The Woman Warrior) knows that she can only do it all if she takes care of herself

 Do you frequently find yourself frustrated and exhausted because you’re taking care of everyone around you, but not taking real care of yourself. To answer that question, you need to know what taking care of yourself means. You probably feed yourself when you feed your family. You more than likely take a shower, style your hair, and put on makeup every morning. Those are all good starting points, but they don’t truly define what taking care of yourself means.


Taking care of you means nurturing every part of you. It means eating a healthy, balanced diet that fuels your body for success. It means having the courage to admit that your needs and dreams matter. It means knowing that you can’t help anyone if you are not mentally and emotionally well. Ask yourself this question – what makes you happy?...

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