Meet LaKena

You've set the bar high and achieved outward success - but you recognize that you've lost you along the way.

You're CEOs and educators, moms and engineers, small business owners and community leaders. You are driven by the desire to know that what you do matters. You give 100% and those around you have come to expect nothing less.

But success doesn't feel like you thought it would, leaving you wondering, "What do I really want? or Where do I go from here?"

I believe when a woman is living a life that she loves, her life is peaceful, purposeful, and powerful. Her relationships will be happier, and her work more rewarding and successful. It is with this belief that I started coaching. Together, we work to identify your values, beliefs, explore where you want to be in life, set BIG dreams and then make a plan to reach out and grab hold of them.

For over 15 years, I have had the privilege to speak into women’s lives. Whether teaching, conducting business training or life coaching, I have loved encouraging women to be all they can be for God’s purpose in the earth. When a women understands her worth and value...everything changes!

I have a passion for making connections and helping women to not only identify their current obstacles but to clearly define a practical and purposeful pathway towards a brighter tomorrow.

I understand obstacles of life that often cause us to become paralyzed. As a child I suffered trauma that left me feeling dazed, confused, worthless and without a voice. Later as an Army wife, I lost myself even more with the frequent moving, trying to balance raising children and a career. It was in those dark moments and times of weakness, that I identified my strengths and purpose! I knew I had been called to do more, to have a greater impact. So I did the inner work, changed my mindset and began to dream again. I now love that I get to walk shoulder to shoulder with women from around the world as they recognize their own greatness and aim higher in their personal, educational, and professional endeavors.

Hewalenamo Girls, Inc.

Hewalenamo Girls, Inc. is dedicated to providing educational opportunities by financially assisting girls from impoverished families; helping to pay their school fees and seeking to remove the obstacles that keep them from school or cause them to drop out.
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