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Recommit To You

A 21-day, 1-on-1 personal coaching journey with LaKena, specifically for the busy woman who wants to recommit to putting herself first, recommit to her goals and dreams. If you find yourself in "there has to be more than this" mode, on autopilot in your life, it's time to RECOMMIT to you! You will feel re-energized and focused to take your life to the next level of success.


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Unleash Your Greatness

You have to be intentional each day to move toward your dreams and unleash your potential. It's time to step into your greatness!!

Unleash Your Greatness is a 50+ minute video course with worksheets to help you realize and develop your God-given potential.  

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Inspirational Prompts & Guides

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Life can be so complicated & busy! Every day is filled with figuring out how to schedule  your day, your family, your can be difficult trying to fit it all in. It's easy for things to fall off your plate because there's just not enough time!

Until now! It's time to change your habits and reclaim your time! You more fulfilled, accomplishing more & working smarter not harder...that's winning!

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Praying For Your Child With Purpose

Children are a blessing from God. Everyday you do so much for your children. You love them, care for them, help them with homework, and the list goes on. 

We live busy lives as parents and care-givers, but in the midst of our full lives are we praying enough for our children?

Praying for Your Child, is a customizable guide that offers you a framework to pray God's powerful Word and promises over your child. 

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Determined! Design the Life You Want

If you are going to live your life ON purpose and live YOUR purpose it will take determination! Determined lays out 15 action steps that will allow you to overcome any hurdle that confronts you. 

It's time to develop the drive to stay the course and accomplish your goals & dreams. Be DETERMINED to live your best life boldly and courageously! Decide to be DETERMINED today! 

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Design A New Story

In "Design a New Story" author LaKena Dunham encourages women of faith how to access their God-sized dreams. You will be inspired to design a new story by manifesting the dreams and desires God has placed on your heart.

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Ami Gets Her Wish

Ami is not like most little girls.  Rather than going to school each day to learn, she must go to work with her mother in the orange groves. Ami dreams of one day becoming a teacher and helping little girls like her. Will her dream become a reality? 50% of all proceed will be used to further LaKena's 501(c)3, Hewalenamo Girls Inc & expand their mission of changing the world, one girl at a time through the power of education.

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