Woman Warrior Mastermind

You are a movement by yourself, but surrounded by other Woman Warriors you'll be a FORCE!

Woman Warrior Mastermind Application

Woman Warrior Mastermind

The Woman Warrior Mastermind begins In January 2018.

There Are Two Meeting Options: Tuesdays At 9am Central Or Thursdays At 7pm Central

The Woman Warrior Mastermind is specifically geared towards women. Specifically woman who hold leadership roles. It is a SAFE place, a CONFIDENTIAL place for women leaders to connect with leaders who understand the challenges, frustrations, and demands of being a woman in leadership while also having a family and caring for others. 

During our meetings we challenge and encourage and provide inspiration, information, and collaboration. The Woman Warrior Mastermind is more than a typical network, this is your inner circle--your GO TO team. 

The Woman Warrior Mastermind Is For Those:

  • Women who hold a leadership role - in their career path, business, community or ministry. 
  • Leading women who can commit to at least 6 months.  You understand that it takes time to build relationships, this is also true in this type of community. It takes time to get to know one another which means putting in the work and effort to be here consistently.
  • Women looking for a Faith-Based Community. Those who are willing to pray together and seek God for direction for themselves and their sister warriors. 
  • Mighty women who stands in their power and strength, but want to continue to do the work to improve and they know that support from other warrior women will accelerate that journey. 
  • Women who knows that HAVING IT ALL also means having healthy relationships, helping others and being in control of her finances. 

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