Woman Warrior Pen Set

Graceful. Beautiful. Confident. Strong.

Attributes describing a woman walking in her purpose and leading where she stands.

Attend your next meeting in style with classy pens topped with a generously sized rock and showcase your strength, beauty and skill while making a powerful statement of your ability to lead and your strength as a woman.

The Woman Warrior pen set features classic, streamlined writing instruments. Each stylish, engraved ballpoint pen is perfect for commanding your meetings or signing important documents. The pens have clean lines, classic colors and the ballpoint tip produces a smooth and even print in black ink.

Each pen is engraved with an empowering message making them an elegant gift for business associates, board members, college or high school graduates, or for friends or family members. This pen style has a twist opening and a diamond that adds an elegant dimension and sparkle! The pen is refillable.

These pens are 100% guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and embolden you to –

Stand in YOUR power

Shine YOUR light

Share YOUR message

Each order includes:

  • Silver engraved pen “Stand in YOUR power”
  • Rose Gold engraved pen “Shine YOUR light”
  • Gold engraved pen “Share YOUR message”
  • One pen box
  • A power affirmation card
  • Three refill black ink cartridges

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